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Who Should Attend?
Realtors, Brokers, real estate agents, business owners, social media managers , CEO and any professsional willing to do the right thing

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How would you feel if you can have 500 - 1000+ ready to buy clients for your properties with as low as 1,000 naira ads daily budget not on your WhatsApp Status BUT 100% EXPORTABLE WITH DIRECT ACCESS TO SEND DAILY PROPERTIES UPDATES WITH ZERO HASSLE?

We’re here to help walk you through simple ads steps with a New CRM that fits your needs and your budget.

Connect with serious buyers

Stop chasing leads and spend more time focusing on closing deals with automated followup system in

Stay on top of your business

Demonstrate your attentiveness and expertise with consistent automated follow up and customized real-time Market Insight reports.

Make a great first impression

Simplify your day-to-day with all of your leads, contacts, communications and follow-up details in one place. Even do it all on the go with cloud service for professionals.

Keep buyers engaged

Respond lighting fast with personalized text and email messages sent just minutes after a client inquiry.

Discover why agents like you choose to be trained by Our Team

We’re here to help you get a solution that fits your needs and your budget.

In this one-on-one training and setup,

you will learn the right way to do winning clients followup strategy and ads targeting options in your adverts targeted for realtors.

This is is strictly for people who advertise on Meta (Facebook & Instagram) who have money that want to get wining tools and training from expert to double their ROI on ads this year!

How Much?

The Training Part of this setup is 100% Free. Then the tools we need to setup this winning strategy is paid and we need two of them

Cbund is #48k + Hifinox 39k = #87,500 Per year if you getting directly.

You'll pay Only 50% which is 43k for both including all the setup and required facebook ads training that you can use to scale your business or charge others to promote their businesses


this offer last for only 24hrs from now!

to get started, we need to discuss with you to confirm where you need solutions more beacuse you may not need both tools or something more. kindly claim your consultation now