A Detailed And Comprehensive Manual Of Hifinox’s Flow Builder

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Learn how to build a chatbot from scratch that 10x Facebook ads faster.

In this ultimate chatbot tutorial, you will learn how to build a basic to an advanced level chatbot that can be integrated into multiple platforms like web, Facebook messenger, Instagram, Livechat, or messages.

The tutorial also covered the following

Hifinox is mainly a messenger bot building platform, though it has multiple features that can do online marketing. Hifinox’s messenger bot is a robust and powerful tool to talk to people smoothly and automatically. Hifinox has a classic bot builder to build a bot. With the classic bot builder, you can build a bot, though the process is a bit complex.

Therefore, to make bot-building easy, straightforward, and fast, Hifinox has presented Flow Builder, a Hifinox feature. After you have upgraded your account, the Flow Builder will be available on Hifinox. It is a graphical drag and drop Messenger bot builder. With the graphical editor, you can easily build a bot by dragging elements from the dock menu and dropping them on the editor, adding data to the elements, and connecting them to each other. On the Flow Builder, you can control all of the messages in the same place without moving to and fro. Moreover, you can envision all of the messages. Therefore, you can make a highly interactive and remarkably responsive bot easily in a short time.

Now let’s be familiar with the process of building a bot with the flow builder. In fact, in the article, I will discuss the elements or components of the Flow builder and how to build a bot on it. After you have read the article, you will be familiar with the elements and how to work with them. Therefore, you will able to build a messenger bot easily as you like.

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What Will You Learn?

  • - How to integrate your HiFinox chatbot with Facebook Messenger.
  • - How to build your own chatbot messenger from scratch.
  • - How to build a conversational auto comment chatbot for Facebook ads and post

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